Biometric Authentication With Ruby On Rails (For Web Services)

Could RoR be a suitable platform for implementing various forms of biometric authentication? The answer is hidden in this article.

How To Organize Support For Your Ruby on Rails Web Application

If you want to build an enterprise-strength, outward-facing website with RoR, however, you need a way to provide support to your customers.

5 Fresh Gems for Your Next Ruby on Rails Application

Working through a great variety of Ruby on Rails projects in Inceptionway, we try to keep a hand on a pulse of technologies, so we all here are big fans of solutions that simplify life in a user – customer – development agency triangle.

Advanced Ruby on Rails Architecture Way (Part 2)

We are moving further in our Ruby on Rails journey. Check what awaits you in your second and third year in development in this article!

Advanced Ruby on Rails Architecture Way (Part 1)

Ruby on Rails Architecture is a wide topic to discuss. In this article we’ll step in the Rails train and go to journey, that every RoR developer passes.

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